True Grit Farm is located is Iocated in Ipswich, Ma. Currently, we raise chickens and quail. Future expansion plans could include turkeys, pigs, goats, and sheep. Stay tuned for updates on our expansion!


True Grit Farm is located is Iocated in Ipswich, Ma. Currently, we raise chickens and quail. Future expansion plans could include turkeys, pigs, goats, and sheep. Stay tuned for updates on our expansion!


True Grit Farm is located is Iocated in Ipswich, Ma. Currently, we raise chickens and quail. Future expansion plans could include turkeys, pigs, goats, and sheep. Stay tuned for updates on our expansion!

Who’s Who

Laying Hens

Our rust-colored laying hens are a hybrid breed named Red Star. They originate from the Rhode Island Red breed crossed with the White Rock breed. Consistent egg production and a social nature are two of the Red Stars’ traits. In our experience, heritage breed chickens tend to be more sensitive to changes in daylight throughout the year. Our Red Star hens produce the same amount of eggs in January as they do in July. We thank them every day for their hard work!


The exotic sounds on the farm come from our Coturnix quail. Folklore says their vocal calls mimic the way their name is pronounced. Coturnix quail are best known for their speckled eggs, which can be prepared just like a chicken or duck egg. We raise male and female quail. Anyone wishing to raise their own quail should contact us to purchase fertile eggs.


Each year we raise a variety of bantam chickens. Bantams refer to a miniature variety of chickens. Their breeds vary but their small size is consistent. The bantams are raised for the sole purpose of exhibition. Each October, they are entered into the Topsfield Fair, which is located in Topsfield, Ma. The females lay small eggs. Their egg consistency is often described as slightly sweet and creamy, more reminiscent of a duck egg. The roosters’ calls are softer than a standard sized rooster. Each year our bantam breeds vary. Silver Duck Wing, Golden Sebright, Silver Sebright, Black Rosecomb, and Black-Breasted Red Old English are a few of our favorites. Anyone wishing to raise bantam chickens should contact us; they are eligible for sale each October.


We raise Cornish-Cross chickens for meat. This cross is a result of a Cornish game hen crossed with the White Rock breed of chicken. In the farming industry, they are commonly referred to as broilers, which refers to their weight. On average, our broiler chickens weigh between 4 and 5 lbs, which makes for an ideal dinner.  We raise the broilers from baby chicks and when they reach market weight, we bring them to a USDA-certified slaughterhouse to be processed.

Location is Everything

Our laying hens and bantam chickens have outdoor access year-round. They enjoy dust baths, foraging for bugs, and eating grass. The broiler chickens are raised outdoors during the warm weather months. Despite their reputation of being lazy, they also enjoy foraging for bugs and eating grass. During the winter months, our broilers are raised indoors with heat lamps and bedding made of pine shavings. The quail are raised indoors year-round due to their tendency to pick up unwanted diseases when raised on pasture.

Who Eats What

Regardless of being pasture-raised, we supplement all of our birds’ diets with chicken feed to ensure they receive adequate nutrition. If anyone has dietary and/or allergy concerns regarding chicken feed, please contact us. We never feed our poultry hormones or antibiotics.

Layer Hens

Green Mountain Organic Layer Pellets


Blue Seal Extra Egg


Blue Seal Homefresh


Blue Seal Homefresh  and / or Poulin Broiler Crumble

About the Farm

True Grit Farm consists of approximately 2.5 acres. We lease a portion of a 25-acre parcel of land. The property was formerly known as Heliotrope Hill Tree Farm. The longstanding tree farm operation resulted in acidic soil. For the past year, we have been amending the soil with lime and nitrogen (thanks to the chicken manure!) We would like to grow vegetables on site once our soil supports a healthy PH level. To read more about our land check out a recent article published by New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

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Where to Buy Our Products

Farmers’ Markets:

Danvers Farmers’ Market: Wednesdays 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., June 7 to August 30: 87 Elm Street, Danvers, Ma, adjacent to the Northeast Community Bank.

Cape Ann Farmers’ Market: Thursdays 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., June 1 to October 12: Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, Ma.

Retail Stores:

Common Crow: Gloucester, Ma: chicken, chicken eggs & quail eggs

Eva’s Farm Organic Butcher Shop: North Beverly, Ma: chicken eggs & quail eggs

Vidalia’s: Beverly Farms, Ma: chicken, chicken eggs & quail eggs


Short and Main: Gloucester, Ma: chicken & chicken eggs

The Market: Annisquam, Ma: chicken

Henrietta’s Table: Cambridge, Ma: chicken

Asta: Boston, Ma: chicken

Duckworth’s Bistrot: Gloucester, Ma: chicken eggs

At Our Farm:

Customers can buy directly from us, however this option works best when pre-arranged. Our farm crew is not always on site and we do not have a farm stand. Part of our future expansion includes a farm stand where customers could buy products … stay tuned for more details!

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How to Find Us:


Address: 26 Old England Road, Ipswich, Ma. 01938

Phone: 617.901.7355

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a rooster?
No, female chickens, commonly referred to as hens, will lay eggs regardless of having a rooster on site. A rooster is only necessary when fertilized eggs are the desired outcome (i.e. breeding purposes.)
How do you deter predators?
Each group of chickens has a different setup to protect against predators. The layer hens have an electric fence surrounding their coop and overhead twine, which functions like an overhead spiderweb. To date, the hens have been safe from hawks, coyotes, cats, dogs, and other predators. The broiler chickens live in moveable pens, when they are on pasture. Their pens are comprised of chicken wire, lumber, canvas, and metal. The bottoms are open, which allow them to forage freely while remaining safe from predation. The bantams have overhead netting and metal fencing to keep them safe. Each chicken coop is secured at night, while the birds are roosting inside. This effort further secures them from predation.
Do you offer consultation for novices?
Yes, we can guide you to raising chickens successfully. We offer one-on-one consultation regarding coop design, poultry health, flock maintenance, and best management practices. Contact us for further information.